29 April 2012

Linguist visiting from Amsterdam

This week, Hedde Zeijlstra is visiting us from the University of AmsterdamHedde works on syntax and semantics, most notably on negation, polarity, and concord/agreement phenomena. He is giving a talk at Syntax+ on Monday, Apr 30, at noon in GFS 330. His talk is entitled "One law for the rich and another for the poor: The Rich Agreement Hypothesis rehabilitated[Joint work with Olaf Koeneman].

12 April 2012

USC alumn presenting at CLS

Tommi Leung (2007 PhD graduate) is giving a presentation titled "Sluicing may repair LF-constraints" at Chicago Linguistic Society (CLS) 48 this weekend.

10 April 2012

USC linguists at UA

Two of our faculty members gave invited talks at University of Arizona Linguistic Colloquium recently. Roumyana Pancheva talked about "Superlative movement out of nominal phrases and focus intervention effects" (joint work with Barbara Tomaszewicz) and Maria Luisa Zubizarreta talked about "The origins of the low focus position".