10 February 2011

When a linguist visited from SUNY

Pictures from the party at Barbara and Mythili's place, when John Bailyn visited us from SUNY!

Barbara Tomaszewicz, Barry Schein, Agnieszka Lazorczyk, John Bailyn, and Roumyana Pancheva

Arunima Choudhury, Mary Byram-Washburn, Saurov Syed, and Priyanka Biswas

Hajime Hoji, Audrey Li, Andrew Simpson

Christina Hagedorn, Mythili Menon, Emily Fedele, and Brian Hsu

Katy McKinney-Bock and John Bailyn

Dan Bock, Christina Hagedorn, Emily Fedele, Brian Hsu, Sarah Ouwayda, Roumyana Pancheva, Saurov Syed (and with her back to the camera: Mary Byram)

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