04 November 2012

USC Linguistics Colloquia

The 2012-2013 USC Linguistics Colloquia for the Fall 2012 semester are now winding down. This past Friday, November 2, Dorit Abusch presented her colloquium talk:

Discourse Pragmatics and Aspectual Semantics of Temporal Relations in Silent Comics
Dorit Abusch, Cornell University

The presentation inspired lively discussion among attendees, and the session was followed by a lunch in the linguistics department. Thank you, Dorit, for your presentation!

The final colloquium of the Fall 2012 semester will be tomorrow, November 5, 2012, from 3:30 – 5:00 pm in GFS 118 (Reception follows at GFS 330):

A Recursive Phonology Interface for WH-F Alternative Semantics
Mats Rooth, Cornell University

All are welcome to attend colloquia. Next semester’s first colloquium will be on January 25, 2013, with Liina Pylkk√§nnen of NYU (time and location TBA). Please check back for more details on next semester’s colloquia.

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