18 March 2014

USC presence at CUNY

The 27th CUNY Conference on Human Sentence Processing took place this year on March 13-15, at the Ohio State University. Many of our students and faculty member Elsi Kaiser presented the following posters:

Differences in the prosodic encoding of information structure in closely-related languages 
Arunima Choudhury and Elsi Kaiser

Non-adjacent lexical dependencies in an artificial language prime relative clause attachment biases 
Hao Wang, Mythili Menon and Elsi Kaiser

Prosodic encoding of information structure depends on frequency and probability 
Iris Chuoying Ouyang and Elsi Kaiser

Beyond syntax: Effects of verb semantics and perspective taking on Chinese reflexives  
Xiao He and Elsi Kaiser

When phonological systems clash: L1 phonotactics vs. L2 assimilation  
David Li and Elsi Kaiser

Congratulations to everyone for their posters! Below are some images, courtesy of Elsi Kaiser (except for the pictures of Elsi herself, which are credited as due at the bottom of each picture).

 Professor Elsi Kaiser, smiling wide by one of her many posters (Picture taken by Florian Jaeger)
 Ouyang, telling all about her work to Amy Schafer (University of Hawaii).

Felix Hao Wang (USC Psychology Dpt) by his poster, which Mythili and Elsi co-authored.
Looks like Elsi is getting very interesting feedback! (Thanks for the pic, Ouyang!)

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