17 September 2015

Welcome (Back) Picnic, Fall 2015

This past Saturday, September 12, was GSIL's annual Welcome (Back) picnic. The event was held in the Old Zoo area of Griffith Park, on an uncharacteristically muggy (for LA) day. Grad students, their significant others and pets, and USC linguistics alumni all came out and enjoyed the outdoors. Rousing games of Kubb and Jenga were played! Delicious food was enjoyed! Some highlights are on view below. Thanks to our GSIL Event Coordinators, Maury and Ana, for putting together this fun event.

The group gathers around our picnic table

L-R: Jessica, Monica, Thomas, Brian and Caitlin; starting a game of Jenga

Monica and Thomas with Jenga aftermath

Caitlin with her dog, Kirby

L-R: Sarah, Brian, Ana, Maury, AndrĂ©s, & Jesse; playing Kubb 

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  1. If I would come to this city again, I would be all over these venues in San Francisco. We ordered Spinach artichoke dip at the server's suggestion and it was absolutely delicious.