16 September 2011

Colloquium schedule 2011-2012

Monday, October 3rd - Matt Goldrick (Northwestern)
Behavioral studies of language processing (Psycholinguistics, Cognitive neuropsychology, Acoustic phonetics); Mathematical and computational models of language processing; Generative phonology; Optimality Theory and Harmonic Grammar

Monday November 7th - Michael Kenstovicz (MIT)
Phonology, Phonetics, African and East Asian Languages

Monday, November 14th - Ian Roberts (Cambridge University)
Comparative syntax
Ian Roberts received his PhD from the USC Department of Linguistics in 1985. His dissertation, supervised by Osvaldo Jaeggli, was entitled The Representation of Implicit and Dethematized Subjects.

Monday, February 13th - Yael Sharvit (UCLA)
Semantics, Pragmatics, Syntax-Semantics interface, Phonology, PhoneticsSemitic linguistics

Monday, April 9th - Edward Flemming (MIT)
Phonology, Phonetics

Monday, April 16th - Michael Wagner (McGill)
Prosody/Syntax, Prosody/Semantics, Phonology, Language Processing

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