10 September 2011

Summer Highlights

Welcome to a new semester! We hope this has been a nice productive summer for everyone!

Christina Hagedorn presented a poster at the 9th International Seminar on Speech Production, in Montreal at the end of June. Then, in July, she attended a summer school on robust statistics in Bertinoro, Italy. At the end of August, she gave a talk at Interspeech 2011, in Florence, Italy.

Jim Higginbotham was Visiting Professor at the University of Oxford in the Trinity Term (late April-late June), and gave five lectures, mostly on the "de se." He spoke also at a Workshop in Cambridge (Ian Roberts and Company). Finally, Barry Smith and Jim gave two lectures each and participated in a Q&A session before a large audience all day 28 May at Rewley House, Oxford, on "Knowledge of Meaning."
Jim’s Oxford contract has been renewed for the next two years, so something like the last adventure will be repeated.

Elsi Kaiser attended Sofiana Chiriacescu's dissertation defense at the University of Stuttgart in Germany in July (Sofiana was a visiting student at USC last semester). Elsi also gave a talk at Stuttgart and at a conference in France. Right now she is returning from the main psycholinguistics conference in Europe, AMLaP (Architectures and Mechanisms for Language Processing), which was held in Paris Sept 1-Sept 3.

Sarah Ouwayda spent June and July in Lebanon, where she worked on her qualifying paper, and attended muntadaa Taraablus al-shi?ri (The Tripoli Forum for Classical Arabic poetry). She attended the European Summer School in Logic, Language, and Information (ESSLLI) in Ljubljana in August, passed her candidacy defense at the end of August, and gave a talk on Cardinals, Agreement, and Plurality in Lebanese Arabic in Sinn und Bedeutung (SuB) in Utrecht in September. She will be giving a talk entitled Agreement and Interpretation at the North East Linguistics Society (NELS) in Toronto in November.

6pm view from underneath the ESSLLI site

In late May, Roumyana Pancheva gave an invited talk at the Linguistics Colloquium at UC Santa Cruz. She spent 3 weeks in late July and early August at the NYI summer school in St. Petersburg, Russia, teaching an advanced class on Meaning and Structure and co-teaching an introductory class on Universals of Language with John Bailyn and Jaye Padgett. She spent the rest of August with her family in Barcelona and Costa Brava

picture credit: Caroline Heycock

Barbara Tomaszewicz spent July running experiments in Barcelona which was made possible by the summer grant from USC Dornsife College Del Amo Foundation and the wonderful people associated with GLiF at UPF. She then attended the ESSLLI summer school in Ljubljana.

Erika Varis’s summer consisted of baby Remy and quals. :) She had a baby, finished her quals paper 2 weeks postpartum, completed the questions, and successfully defended. She is exploring a few more options from the quals data to inform the details of the dissertation, and then it's thesis writing and job-searching. In upcoming news: Erika is presenting research from my qualifying experiment at the ASA in the beginning of November.

Aaron Walker and Yi-Hsien Liu got married!

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