02 April 2013

USC presence at CUNY Conference on Human Sentence Processing

The 26th Annual CUNY Sentence Processing Conference was hosted by the University of South Carolina this year and it took place on March 21-23 at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center.

Professor Elsi Kaiser and students Mary Byram Washburn, Emily Fedele, Mythili Menon, Heeju Hwang and Xin Zhao attended the conference. Elsi gave this talk:

Individual differences in anaphoric processing: Insights from mouse-tracking
Professor Elsi Kaiser and Alexis Harper (undergraduate student)

In addition, the following posters by USC people were presented:

Can anaphoric dependencies be primed across languages? Evidence from Italian-English bilinguals
Emily Fedele,  Elsi Kaiser,  Maria Luisa Zubizarreta

Focus inhibits free associates
Mary Byram Washburn,  Elsi Kaiser,  Maria Luisa Zubizarreta

Consequences of ‘music to one’s ears’: Structural integration priming from music to language
Mythili Menon and Elsi Kaiser

The upside of not having a syntactic choice: Effects of syntactic flexibility on Korean production
Heeju Hwang and Elsi Kaiser

Self or other: Interplay of verb biases and syntactic constraints during reflexive processing
Xiao He and Elsi Kaiser

Shifting viewpoints: Free indirect discourse and sensitivity to perspective-taking
Elsi Kaiser,  Alexa Cohen,  Emily Fedele

Visuospatial grouping influences expectations about upcoming discourse
Elsi Kaiser and David Cheng-Huan Li

How different levels of syntactic flexibility influence language production in Mandarin
Xin Zhao and Elsi Kaiser

Congratulations to all who presented!!! Here are some pics:

Elsi presents her talk.


Emily poses by her poster.

Mary and Emily having fun (or fighting the nerves!) 
Mary poses by her poster.

Mythili presents her poster to an engaged audience. 

Xin poses by his poster.

A smiling Mythili by her poster.

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