16 October 2015

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12 October 2015

Hey everyone! We have a new blog address: please visit us at USC Ling https://uscling.wordpress.com/

And here’s what is going on in our department this week:

USC is sending several presenters to NELS at Concordia University in Montreal: Jessica Harmon, Alfredo Garcia-Pardo, Brian Hsu, Lanko Marusic, and Charlie O'Hara!

Monday, October 12

Phon Lunch, 11am in the Conference Room: Charlie O'Hara on "Harmony in Harmonic Grammar by reevaluating faithfulness" 

Colloquium, 3:30pm in the Conference Room : Sam Tilsen (Cornell University) will be presenting on Selection-coordination theory. Reception to follow.

Tuesday, October 13
Phon Lunch, 2:30pm in the Conference Room: Hayeun Jang on "Super cumulative OCP effect in Swedish" 

Notification about the Alumni in Industry event:
The event has been moved to November 30th (it has originally been scheduled for November 2nd). It will still be held after colloquium reception, from 7pm to no later than 8:30pm in the linguistics department conference room. Here's a reminder of the plan for this event:
The linguistics department will be hosting a professionalization event for graduate students to talk to recent graduates of the department who have secured jobs outside of academia. Topics of discussion include day-to-day job duties, necessary skills, how linguistic expertise is applied, and how non-academic positions are found. There will also be a Q&A session. Additional details about the event, including the list of participating graduates in industry, will be provided soon.

Reminder: LING4Change!
Don’t forget that we have put up collection boxes in the student’s lounge to gather donations for the Downtown Women’s Center! Clothing & Accessories (laundered, folded, and in good condition) are more than welcome, as well as donations of food and personal hygiene items.
We also have a box to collect commonly used items for recycling that are not recyclable by municipal programs so we can take those to Terracycle: any old Brita filters, used toothbrushes, cereal bar wrappers, snack bags and broken pens are welcome to this box!

05 October 2015

Weekly Digest!

Hi folks! Here's a preview of what has happened/will be happening this week:

USC is sending a delegation of presenters to the Annual Meeting in Phonology in Vancouver: Peter Guekguezian, Karen Jesney, Caitlin Smith, and Rachel Walker. USC alum Michal Temkin Martinez (Boise State University) will also be presenting at this meeting. Next year we will be hosting Phonology at USC!

Monday, October 5
Syntax +, 3:15pm in the Conference Room: Chorong Kang gave a poster presentation on "Covert movement, audible in prosody". Alfredo Garcia Pardo gave a practice talk for NELS titled: "Decomposing the VP: Aspect, argument structure and the instrumental-subject alternation".

Tuesday, October 6
Phon Lunch, 2:30pm in the Conference Room: Meeting to discuss preliminary organization plans for next year's Annual Meeting in Phonology.

Thursday, October 8
Tea Time! 3:30pm in the Linguistics Department.

Friday, October 9
The first annual USC Hearing and Communication Neuroscience Symposium at Herkholtz Auditorium, in the Health Sciences Campus (more information on the post below!)

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Hearing and Communication Neuroscience Symposium this Friday, October 9th!

This is the first annual HCN Symposium

There is a fantastic lineup of speakers, and of course the HCN Training Program wants to put their best foot forward by having a great turnout. Lunch will be provided. The event will be held on the Health Sciences Campus, at the Zilkha Neurogenetics Institute (ZNI) in the Herklotz Auditorium. Everyone is invited!

28 September 2015

Linguists presenting at the Center for Excellence in Teaching

Two professors from the Linguistics Department are presenting during Academic Careers Week (September 28 - October 1), organized by the Center for Excellence in Teaching. On Monday, Sept. 28, Professor Rachel Walker presented "Writing Your Cover Letter & CV." On Wed, Sept. 30Professor Dani Byrd will present "Negotiating the Academic Job Offer."  Lunch is provided. More information is available at the CET website.

Several USC linguists are representing the department in the CET this year. Ed Finegan, Professor of Linguistics and Law, is the Director of the CET. Rachel Walker is a Faculty Fellow, and Canan Ipek is a TA Fellow. The CET is looking for Graduate students who are interested in being involved in the CET as a TA Fellows. Interested students are encouraged to apply to the TA Fellows program. Talk with Rachel Walker to find out more!