12 October 2012

A glimpse of the Welcome (Back) Picnic

The long-awaited pics from the annual picnic are finally posted! These pics show that we chat, we bbq, and we play! Photo courtesy - Evangeline Alva.

Finally, the pic of the photographer

01 October 2012

USC at Two September Conferences

USC had representatives at two recent conferences, Sinn und Bedeutung 17 in Paris from September 8 to 10, 2012, and South Asian Languages: Theory,Typology, and Diachrony at Yale University from September 28 to 30, 2012.

Sinn und Bedeutung is a conference focusing on aspects of semantics and pragmatics in several areas of linguistics including syntax and psycholinguistics. At this conference, USC had one presentation:

Ascending and Descending’ Escher Illusions in Language: Evidence for Online Repair
Ellen O'Connor with Elsi Kaiser and Roumi Pancheva

South Asian Languages is a conference devoted to growing the field of research in South Asian linguistics. USC had one presentation at this conference, as well:

Plurality in Bangla: from a Crosslinguistic Perspective
Priyanka Biswas