04 November 2010

October/November News!

Travel News:

~ Sarah Ouwayda, Mary Byram, Barbara Tomaszewicz, and Mythili Menon drove up to Stanford for the California University Semantics and Pragmatics meeting. They took the scenic route back. Here are some pictures (more to come):

~ Rachel Walker went to Cambridge to give an invited talk at the colloquium series at MIT and Harvard - here are some pictures she took while there:

Roumi went to Arizona to give an invited talk at the departmental colloquium, the cacti speak for themselves!

Elsi gave a colloquium talk at UCLA, but she has no pictures to prove that she has been to Los Angeles!

John Bailyn of Stony Brook University visited the department during the week of November 15th-19th! Here's him at USC! He gave a talk in Syntax+ about Ellipsis in Russian, and a party was thrown in his honor in South Pass!

Conference News:

Twelve USC Linguists are presenting at the LSA! Xiao He, Ed Holsinger, Melissa Frazier, Elsi Kaiser, Audrey Li, Katy McKinney-Bock, Ellen O’Connor Mohun, Daylen Riggs, Michael Shepherd, Sam Tilsen, Erika Varis Doggett, and Hector Velasquez