14 September 2012

Summer highlights, updates, and so on

Peter Guekguezian joined a group of USC students led by Khalil Iskarous to Taiwan as part of USC's "Problems without Passports" program. He received a NSF grant (along with Khalil and Katy McKinney-Bock) to work on documenting and recording two endangered languages of Taiwan: Squliq Atayal and Saisiyat. Peter spent the month of June hosted by National Tsing Hua University and working with both native speakers of these languages and linguistics colleagues at the university. He got to experience a new culture and cuisine, and visited a village in the mountains where he practiced speaking Saisiyat with the locals. He presented some of his findings at the Austronesian Formal Language Association (AFLA) conference later in June at Academia Sinica in Taipei. 

In lighter news, this summer Peter also visited Argentina, turned 26, and got engaged!

Christina Hagedorn traveled to New York in July, where she presented her poster, "Characterizing Covert Articulation in Apraxic Speech Using real-time MRI" at the International Workshop on Language Production at NYU.

Khalil Iskarous has been selected as a recipient of an NSF INSPIRE award, a program designed to fund interdisciplinary, potentially transformative research. Read the press release here

Also, Khalil led a group of USC students to Taiwan this June to conduct fieldwork on Atayal and Saisiyat, two endangered Austronesian languages. Read the USC News article here and watch a video here.

Roumi Pancheva taught at three summer schools: The 6th Linguistic Summer School in the Indian Mountains (LISSIM 6) in Sidhbari, Himachal Pradesh, the 10th New York - St. Petersburg Institute of Linguistics, Cognition and Culture, and the 19th Eastern European Summer School of Generative Grammar (The Egg) in Wroclaw, Poland.

In St. Petersburg: some of the students and teachers

Barbara Tomaszewicz spent her summer in LA, working, and in Europe, co-teaching at the EGG school in Wroclaw, Poland, with Roumi Pancheva, attending the ESSLLI summer school in Opole, Poland, where she presented her experiments on "most" at the Logic & Cognition Workshop, and finally attending the Sinn und Bedeutung conference and the EALing fall school in Paris, France.

At the EGG

Barbara presenting at the Logic & Cognition Workshop

Rachel Walker has joined the USC Center for Excellence in teaching as a Faculty Fellow and Canan Ipek (recent recipient of a USC Outstanding Teaching Assistant award!) and Xiao He have joined the CET as Teaching Assistant Fellows. They join two fellow linguists in the CET, Ed Finegan, who is the CET director, and David Li, who serves as a Teaching Assistant Fellow.

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