22 September 2012

USC representatives at GLOW in Asia IX, Japan

Several USC representatives were present in GLOW in Asia IX, Mie University, Japan. Mythili Menon presented a paper on "The Syntax of the Adjective in Dravidian". Priyanka Biswas presented a poster on "Plurality in a Classifier Language: Two Types of Plurals in Bangla". Syed Saurov presented a poster on "DP‐Internal Focus and Topic in Bangla". Yuyun Iris Yang and Roger Liao (USC alum) presented a poster on "Moving to the Left Periphery: Syntax or PF?". USC alumna Fuyun Wu presented a paper on "Audience Design Affects Classifier Positioning in Chinese Relative Clauses: Evidence from Spoken Corpus and Sentence‐Production Data" with Yanan Sheng.

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