27 September 2012

USC at AMLaP 2012

This year conference of Architectures and Mechanisms for Language Processing (AMLaP) took place in Riva Del Garda, Italy on September 6th-8th. This international conference of interdisciplinary research brings together psychological, computational, and theoretical perspectives on the cognitive mechanisms which underlie any aspect of human language processing. USC’s Linguistics Department is proud to have eight presenters at the AMLaP this year.

Online detection and repair of comparative illusions: Evidence from self-paced reading
Ellen O' Connor, Roumyana Pancheva, and Elsi Kaiser

Positional constraints on incremental adjective interpretation
Katherine McKinney-Bock and Elsi Kaiser

Comprehension of anaphora and cataphora in Italian: Comparing null and overt pronouns
Emily Fedele and Elsi Kaiser

Same subject, different marking: Consequences of case-marking on discourse and memory representations
Lucy Kyoungsook Kim and Elsi Kaiser

Free indirect discourse and perspective taking
Elsi Kaiser and Alexa Cohen

Speech rate mediated lexical ambiguity resolution and the role of articulation
David Li and Elsi Kaiser

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